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 After my career as a Medical Doctor,

I took my first acting class and was hooked!

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Local Hire - New York, Philadelphia, MD, DC, VA



About Me

I arrive late into the business of acting and bring with me insight into human behavior learned from my years as a Medical Doctor. After nearly half a century of marriage and more than three decades in the medical field, I count myself lucky to at last embrace another long time love with gusto! 


As a child and a young man, parents and teachers alike instilled in me an appreciation for reading and language; as well as live theatre in all its beauty and intricacies. 


Since retiring from medicine, I have thrown myself into the world of theatre and Film/TV, learning as much as I can through study and hands on experience. Background work on multiple film sets and television shows has allowed me to ease into the biz and observe actors and technicians hard at their craft. 


My initial studies at The Theatre Lab in Washington, DC coupled with continuing classes in New York and beyond have opened my mind and my spirit, allowing me to touch the intense joy and emotion one must access to bring a character to life. 


I am driven to study and practice acting as a craft in much the same way I studied and practiced medicine in years past. The intuition, dedication and concentration I developed in my years as a doctor are helping me in my next chosen career.  Since barreling into the biz, I have been fortunate to book both commercial and Film/TV work and look forward to what is to come.


I am a proud Dad of four, a dedicated husband, a seasoned physician, an avid dog lover…and at long last an actor. 



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